Warning Signs

by Cold Sun

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Cale Barajas
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Cale Barajas reminds me of harms way in a few ways (atmosphere, lyrical structure, vocals) which is a really good thing. dark, depressing hardcore done really well. i especially liked the intro riff.
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released December 8, 2013

Recorded by Michael Belliveau



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Cold Sun Kenosha, Wisconsin

Cold Sun is a metal band from southeastern Wisconsin.

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Track Name: Envy the Dead
Future is dim
I cannot win
Every day
Another reason to hate

Nothing but fake
Does not exist

There is no light
For you at the end
Of this life
Submit: give in

I try everyday to push on with this life
To overcome this darkness inside
Look towards the end, and I envy the dead
So I'll suffer on, until my bitter end

Giving in
Track Name: Anti-Life
Nothing in my mind seems to change
This anger inside me-is fucking breeding hate
The only choice I see
Ends with me six feet deep
This life I've come to know
Won't bother missing me.
My life ends now

Clouded with hate-
Writhing in pain-
All of the pressure.
I'm going to break.

Kick the chair.

Throw the fight
End this life
Extinguish this light
Anti life
Track Name: Intent of Pure Satanic Misanthropy
Unholy war
Raging inside me
Blind to light
Darkness all I see
Hate reigns
I feel only pain
Cold falls
Body is numb

Burn the cross
Hang the scum

Fall apart
From within
Forked tongue
Calling my name
Body rotting
Hollow shell
Empty vessel
Where satan dwells

Burn the cross
Hang the scum

Piss upon
The crucifix
Exhume your
Dead Jesus Christ
Feast on
His divine flesh
Offer up
A true sacrifice

Unholy father
Rise from the fire
Bring infernal pyre
And exterminate- the human race.
Track Name: Left to Rot
My mind is a prison
I can't escape
Life bound by chains
I cannot break

Tried over and over
To take my own life
I'm not strong enough
To even give up and die

See only one hope
Need only one rope
Born to lose
Welcome the noose

I hate myself
*so I cut my wrists out
I hate the world
*So I gouge my eyes out
I hate this life
*so I hang from a rope
Cut all of my ties
*there is no hope

Left in this world to rot